26 March 2007

The season is just one race old , could we temper the hype a bit?

Lewis Hamilton's race at OZ might have been the perfect start to a F1 career , but it has been just one race into a long year. Nico Rosberg made a similar blistering start in Bahrain last year and that was perhaps the last we heard of him. Admitted , that Lewis is quick and has the skill needed, but a long season with 17 races , needs a consistent performer behind the wheels of the Woking based outfit.

A real show of talent , would be when he faces , wet weather conditions or when he has tyre or machinery problems. The maturity of a F1 driver is shown , when he nurses an ailing car to a podium or a points finish.Lewis Hamilton , might be the pick of the rookies , he might possibly turn out to be the best driver on the grid as well at the end of the season, but let the racing speak for itself. Lewis has been fast , sometimes , outpacing his more illustrious team mate , but whether he has the maturity to win races and win a drivers championship will be tested over 16 more gruelling races. Till then let the hype , about Lewis being the drivers Champion be put on hold.

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