30 March 2007

Gibbs feat makes Johnny Walker pay

Johnny Walker , the manufacturers of premium whiskey, had promised a sum of 1 Million dollars to charity if any one could score 6 sixers in one over. Herschelle Gibbs did just that when he hit the hapless Dutch bowler , Dan Van Bunge for 6 sixes in a single over. It was a small ground and the team was an associate cricketing nation ,accepted , but the ball still had to be hit consistently. The massacre started of innocuously , but one could see , the look of gleam in Gibbs' eyes after the first 3 sixers. You could see that he was trying for the 6 sixers record. Gibbs became the first player in the history of the ODI's to perform this feat. Gary Sobers and Ravi Shastri had earlier performed this feat at county and domestic levels, but this was the first time in an International match.

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