12 October 2010

Mike Powell Vs Carl Lewis 1991 Long Jump at Tokyo

Almost Twenty years on.. it is still the best showdown in long jump ever. Two athletes at the peak of their powers and fuelled by an intense rivalry. Carl Lewis , the champion , undefeated in Long Jump for almost a decade and widely believed to be the only person who could have broken Bob Beamons’ record. Mike Powell, a steady challenger who had consistently come up short against Carl Lewis So far. Thus was set the stage to a showdown that produced 4 of the top 6 longest Jump in the History of the sport.



Carl Lewis ended with with the best Six-Jump series in History of Long Jump while Mike Powell ended the decade long winning streak and the world record – 23 years after Bob Beamon had set it.

India beat England on penalties to reach hockey final

India reached their first Commonwealth Games men's hockey amid ecstatic scenes in Delhi, beating England on penalties.


India to meet Australia in the Finals. BBC reports on both the matches.

Schumi: Cars haven't always been the same

Planetf1.com reports “ Fresh from one of his best displays of the season, Michael Schumacher has revealed that he hasn't always had the same machinery as team-mate Nico Rosberg.

The car worked great this time," he told broadcaster RTL after the race.

"Unfortunately, I cannot say it has been that way at all the races. There have often been problems - especially on my car, in terms of the consistency - that were not always noticed from the outside. You only saw that I was slower, [but] both cars have not always been the same."

Cycling: Form Guide to Commonwealth Games


BBC sport provides a form guide for the time trial and the road race  in the Commonwealth games 2010 in New Delhi.


Time Trial

“With no Bradley Wiggins or Geraint Thomas, England's Chris Froomeis among the favourites for gold in the men's 40km time trial, along with Scotland's David Millar.”




“The pan-flat course in Delhi should play into the hands of the sprinters, and so the Isle of Man's Mark Cavendish must be among the favourites for gold”


Read more at BBC Sport

The secret to Sachin's success


"Tendulkar loves the game. Even after all these years, all these grounds, hotels, fielding drills and press conferences, it's not an effort for him to play or practise," writes Peter Roebuck in the Sydney Morning Herald. "Cricket is his game and his way of life. He does not need anything else. Always it has been the same. The most underestimated thing about him has been his longevity, his constancy."

Has any cricketer of his calibre changed less? Has any sportsman of his duration shown so few signs of mental wear and tear? Garry Sobers comes closest. For him, too, the game never became an ordeal.

Of course, the body grumbles but the Indian's mind has remained attentive. To an extraordinary extent, Tendulkar plays for the same reasons as in his youth. It's not that he has failed to grow; just that from the outset he saw the game in its true light, as an end in itself.


Tendulkar's technique has also helped him keep going. Natural and classical were interwoven at birth. Throughout, too, he has been a perfectionist. After stumps he can sometimes be seen on the square, practising the shot that had brought him down. Before series he will anticipate the challenges that lie ahead. He is a professional constantly in search of a better way.  Read more….

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